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Good Neighbor Ventures' (GNV) mission is to act as a "catalyst" to increase social and economic development in neighborhoods by building a "collaborative network."


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Are You a Good Neighbor?

Your neighbor can be the person who lives down the street or right next door.  Your neighbor is anyone with a need. Your neighbor is anyone you can help.  What opportunities exist for you to be a good neighbor?  Your immediate neighborhood can be a great place to find an answer.

What are the needs you see or experience?  Needs can be experienced or witnessed in different ways. Here are a few examples:

  • neighborhood crime
  • vandalism
  • job training
  • employment
  • health or nutritional resources

Click here to see which needs you relate to most. One of these might be your opportunity to be a good neighbor.

If you’ve recognized a few needs in your neighborhood community, you’re not alone. Awareness of needs is a critical first step in making a change in your community.

The next step is you getting involved and making a difference.  If you are like most people, you may not know how or where to start.  Good Neighbor Ventures has recognized this need and created Neighborhood Community Action Groups. 


Join a Group

Joining a Neighborhood Community Action Group is your opportunity to address key needs in your neighborhood. It’s your opportunity to connect with schools, churches and community resources to bridge the gaps many people face.  Often times people simply don’t know who to turn to for help or even how to communicate their need.  Either of these can leave people feeling hopeless and powerless in their own community.


With the help of Good Neighbor Ventures, you have the opportunity to change this feeling in your community and breathe hope, partnership, and empowerment into the lives of your neighbors.  You and as few as 4 other residents can begin to change the course of your neighborhood. By partnering with residents, schools, churches, and resources, your Neighborhood Community Action Group can focus on:


  • Decreasing and preventing crime
  • Increasing healthy lifestyles
  • Improving educational success
  • Increasing job skills and employment

Basic Engagement Package

Take the First Step  

Sometimes the first step in making a difference can be the toughest.  At Good Neighbor Ventures,  we want your group to succeed.  With our strong support during the foundational years, you’ll be able to create a group capable of sustaining its level of success for years to come.  It’s a great example to the community of how empowerment, partnership and commitment can create real change in every aspect of our lives including our neighborhoods.


The Basic Engagement Package is your opportunity to “test-drive” being a part of a Community Action Group.  You’ll get a feel for what it means to make a difference in your neighborhood.


Take your first step today and apply for our Basic Engagement Service Grant.

Click Here for How to Qualify



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