Neighborhood Community Action Groups:


Barrio Kroger Lane


Mountain / 1st


South Park

Stella Mann

Sunland Gardens / Las Vistas

WILD Program Sites:

First Southern Christian School

Flowing Wells Extension Program

The Rising School

Thornydale Elementary School

Social Development Strategic Partners:

Next door

Pima Council on Aging

Summer 2014 Edition

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Welcome to Good Neighbor Ventures Social Development Division's website.

Social development impacts individuals on every level; mentally, physically, emotionally and even environmentally. At Good Neighbor Ventures, we recognize, positive change can occur in each of these areas with the right level of support and guidance. It’s why GNV is committed to being a catalyst for social development. Good Neighbor Ventures social development programs’ participants receive different levels of support in a variety of areas. These areas include: moral development, socialization and cultural competency. We currently run two programs under the Social Development Division:

Good Neighbor Ventures (GNV) mission is to act as a "catalyst" to increase social and economic development in neighborhoods by creating a collaborative network. Learn more about Good Neighbor Ventures here.







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